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Scooba 450

iRobot just released their new 450 Scooba.  This is a redesign based on the earlier 390, 5900, and 5800 models.   The tank that used to be on top of the earlier models is now a bit smaller and snaps into the back of the machine.  It has less moving parts to deal with like screen mesh filters and rubber tubes.  The 450 utilizes the drive wheels from its cousin robot the 230 and also has the same style water pump (no more priming) but does have a small rotating cleaning brush that was not used on the 230.

Here is a picture of the Scooba 450 with a couple of modifications to enhance function.  Got tired of having to place the Virtual Wall accessory down on the floor to keep the 450 from leaving the kitchen area and climbing up on the livingroom carpet. There is a black soft rubber strip one and one quarter inches wide that stretches from one end of the bottom of the front bumper to the other end. It is held on using adhesive backing. You can remove the strip then reapply it one quarter inch lower than the original placement. This in effect lowers the front bumper down enough to trigger the bumper sensors when encountering the boundary edge between the kitchen linoleum flooring and the livingroom carpet.

The second modification is to the top of the front bumper and just uses 3/4 inch round felt adhesive pads. One is placed directly on top of the bumper IR sensor and 4 more spaced around the front edge of the top of the bumper. This will prevent the Scooba from getting stuck under the kick stop edges of the kitchen cabinets and other low clearance areas.

Here is a method to get more than one cleaning run from your Scooba 450

Getting tired of having to go recharge your Scooba 450 battery after only a single large room cleaning run ? I installed a LI-ion 4400 mAH battery into the 450 and only got one run per charge. We all know that the LI-ion battery has much more capacity than the stock Scooba 450 battery.

To force a second run from your 450, after the first run is finished, go ahead and clean the tank then refill the tank as usual then place it on the floor. press down the ( ! ) and Clean button at the same time then press the Room size button once and release all buttons. The Scooba will prompt for room size. Press the room size button for the size room you want to clean then hit the Clean button and away it goes. You just got a second run on the same battery without a intermediate charging cycle. Enjoy you cleaner floor.e