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Neato XV-12 Dis-assembly procedure

There are two different methods of how Neato connects the drive motor springs between the drive motors and the Neato plastic frame.  The dis-assembly procedure presented here shows how the XV-11 and early XV-12 models connected the drive wheel springs between the drive motor mount on one end of the spring and the other end of the spring connects to the bottom base shell via a vertical tab.  When the two halves of the Neato case are joined then the tabs are inserted into two hollow plastic cylinders projecting out of the top half.  Here is a picture of the XV-12.

Step 1

Remove the dust bin, (just under the opening where the dust bin sits are two small screws, these must be removed also) flip the Neato over and remove the metal brush retainer, the brush assembly, the two battery covers and un-plug and remove the two batteries.

Step 2

Remember that after you have removed all the screws and the two halves still won't come apart, there are still two hidden screws under some tape.  This tape is there to keep you from voiding your warranty.  If the tape is broken, so is your warranty.

Step 3

Once the two haves are apart caution must be exercised to prevent the Customer Interface ribbon cable that connects the LCD to the main circuit board from being damaged.  This cable and also another 2 conductor cable on the opposite side must be released from the main circuit board before the top half can be detached. The ribbon cable is held in place in the connector by friction.  There are tabs on each side of the ribbon cable that can be lifted up (gently) and the ribbon cable can be lifted out.