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Neato - Goodies

Need a Neato part ?  Use the "contact me" page for a price and shipping quote on whatever part you need.  Remember I will ship International to you

All Neato parts for all models are available for order.  Use the "Contact Me" page for obtaining prices for the Neato components you are interested in obtaining.

Just Arrived, New HEPA filters -  These are not modified filters that have the HEPA filter added on top but are just regular HEPA filters.  Just select the "Buy Now" button to purchase one for $13.25 each plus $1.75 USPS shipping 


Presented here are some options available if you need Neato beater brush or cleaning brush parts.

Not to be forgotten, there are still some of the original Neato filters with the HEPA filter added.  These HEPA style filters are also available for $13.25 each and $1.75 USPS shipping.  International buyers please use the "Contact Me" form to find out about shipping fees to your country.

To purchase one of these filters with the HEPA filter mod just click the "Buy Now" button below.


For those brave souls that have opened up their Neatos and now want to improve it just a bit.  Here is a quick mod that can be performed on the brush motor.  You can wrap some thermal tape around the circumference of the motor blocking the openings.  This will prevent the entry of debris into the motor thus preventing early motor failure.  There is 6 inches of thermal tape wrapped on a plastic spool which is more than enough to cover all the motor openings.  You can order this spool of thermal tape for your Neato brush motor for $5 plus 1.75 USPS shipping.

To order a 6" roll of thermal tape for your Neato, click the Buy Now button below.