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Dirt Dog Dis-assembly Procedure

This Dirt Dog dis-assembly procedure will help you tear down your Dirt Dog completely.  This includes the brush deck, drive wheels, and the side brush motor.

Step one - Turn your Dirt Dog upside down then remove the side brush, the battery, the two cleaning brushes and the dust bin

Step 2 - removal of the front bumper.  This is accomplished by turning the Dirt Dog on its back and remove the 4 screws that secure the front bumper to the spring loaded inner frame, then flip the Dirt Dog back over and lift up the bumper until it is free from the bumper mounts.  Use caution during this step since the front bumper will still be connected to the sensor wiring harness via a small white connector.  A pair of small needle nose pliers can be used to straddle the connector then twist the pliers left and right while pulling in a downward motion until the connector is free.

Step three - removing the top cover from the Dirt Dog.  This top cover contains the User Interface Clean button membrane and it is wired via a ribbon cable to the vertical mounted Printed Circuit Board Assembly.  Again care should be used since the ribbon cable is not very long.  Remove the 8 screws holding the top UI cover and raise the cover up gently.  Once the cover is free you will be able to see the ribbon cable.  The connector can be loosened by lifting first the left side and then the right side in a rocking motion.  The screws used to secure the top cover are not all the same size.  It will be easier to keep track of which screw goes where if you tape them to a paper plate in the same position as they are in the picture.


Step four - removal of the brush deck from the Dirt Dog frame  The left drive wheel motor spring is dis-connected from its mounted position by releasing tension on the spring and lifting it up and away from the left Printed Circuit Assembly Board retainer.  Once the spring is released then the screw holding the left PCAB mount can be removed and the plastic mount removed.  This will now allow the wiring for the brush motor to be disconnected from the PCAB connector.  At this same time the screw locking the deck height adjustment cable can be loosened and the plastic tab connector lifted up and away from the center of the PCAB.

Step 5 - Removal of the brush deck begins with loosening the 4 screws that hold the brush deck pivot arms.  One on each side of the deck.  The two pivot arms are also used to hold the wires from the drive motors, wheel up sensors and the speaker (left side only).  Lift the two pivot arms enough to free the brush deck.  Now tilt the deck either left or right and raise the deck out of the Dirt Dog frame.

 Step 6 - Now we can begin the removal of the two drive motors.  There are motor power leads as well as tachometer sensor leads that run from each drive motor to the PCAB (Printed Circuit Assembly Board)  The wires are routed through the plastic form up to the PCAB and into a connector.  There are a couple of plastic zip ties that will need to be cut so that the wires can be loosened and removed when the drive motors are dis-mounted.  There are two motor mount screws on each drive wheel that can be removed and then the drive wheel (L) or (R) can be lowered out the bottom of the plastic case that contained it.

Step 7   - The drive motor can be removed from the plastic housing by pressing the wheel assembly down and working it free from the wheel area.  The wires can be removed from their mounting guides and the connector removed from the PCAB.  Once the drive motor is free then it can be dis-assembled by removing two screws and releasing the motor housing clip.

Step 8 - When the motor housing is opened you can see the Tachometer IR components as well as the rubber O ring.


Step 9 -  To access the internal planetary gears that are used to turn the drive wheels remove the 3 small phillips head screws that secure the outer wheel to the wheel assembly.  Once the wheel is removed it will expose the 4 additional screws that need to be removed to access the two sets of planetary gear assemblies inside.  Those gear assemblies and the housing can be cleaned out and then add some white lithium grease to all the gear teeth and then reassemble the wheel.