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Universal Modified Cleaning Head Module for the 500, 600, & 700 model Roomba

If your Roomba keeps giving you an Error 2 and announces:  "Please inspect and clean Roombas brushes" there are only a few areas of concern.  All of them have to do with placing additional stress on the brush motor.  The Roomba has a program that monitors the amount of power being utilized by the brush deck motor.  When a certain threshold is reached then the cleaning program is interrupted and an error treatment program takes over.  This error program provides an ERR 2 indication and also provides the "Please Inspect and Clean Roombas Brushes", announcement.  Now of course the first thing that should be checked are the two cleaning brushes.  Once you have verified that the brushes are clean then the next area to check will be the ends of both brushes that have the small yellow plastic part containing the brass bushing inside.  Many times this bushing and the surrounding area become filled with debris due to running a cleaning mission.  After checking and cleaning those brass bushings if you are still experiencing the ERR 2, Please Inspect and Clean Roombas Brushes when you send your Roomba on a cleaning mission then your Roomba has a clogged brush gear box and the Cleaning Head Module will need to be dismounted from the Roomba, the brush deck removed from the Blue plastic frame module, the brush gear assembly plate removed and then clean out the jammed up gears.  See the images below for more info and saving me more than another 1000 words.

You can have your existing Red or Green CHM modified by sending me a paypal of $78 that includes return USPS shipping.  Just click the "Buy Now" button and then ship you CHM without the two cleaning brushes but with the brush retainer to:

Ed Vickery

730 Amy Ln

Haughton, LA 71037-4902

If you already own a 700 model Grey CHM and would like to have it modified you can dis-assemble your CHM and send just the brush gear assembly to me for the mod.  The fee is the same $78 and includes return shipping.  Pictured below are the steps to remove the brush gear box from the brush deck:

Use your hands to pry apart the ends of the blue module to free the Grey brush deck.


Removing the 4 screws above will allow you to then pull the brush gear box away from the Grey brush deck.  Then just pack it up for shipping to me here:

Ed Vickery

730 Amy Ln

Haughton, LA 71037-4902

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.Cleaning Head Module parts for the 500 and 600 model Roombas

Brush Pair $10                               Brush Motor & Dirt Detector $25

Brush Retainer $10                        Brush Gear Plate $10

Deck Module Frame $10                     Brush Deck (Empty) $10

Add $5 USPS shipping to the paypal total

To purchase any of these CHM parts just send a paypal to e_vickery@bellsouth.net and mention which parts you are buying.


Universal Modified CHM - - -  This is the only CHM that is available for purchase, all other models are now discontinued. 

Now available for your Roomba 500, 600, and 700 is the new ball bearing modified Universal CHM module.

Now back in stock for a short time, order your Universal CHM here....

To order a complete 2 sealed ball bearing modified Universal CHM including the cleaning brushes for $139 + $8 USPS shipping and $20.07 International USPS just click the buy now button below.

Shipping fees

And last but not least, here is an additional offer:

One brand new Black CHM with the two inferior shielded ball bearings replaced with Sealed ball bearings and since it was modded here in my shop this CHM also has the third sealed ball bearing installed on the brush motor shaft.  This new Black CHM can be yours for $170 plus $8 USPS shipping.  Just paypal the $178 to my email using paypal here:  e_vickery@BellSouth.net