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 500, 600, & 700 Roomba Cliff sensor Mod

I've seen quite a few cliff sensor arrays when dealing with upgrading the bumper sensors within the same wiring harness. If you want to prevent the build-up of debris inside the clear plastic dust shields here's a mod to help you out.

The clear shields just slide on each sensor housing and two little clips (one on each side of the black plastic) lock the clear shield in place. The main issue with this is that there is too much clearance between the clear shield and the black case. The solution is to add just a little thickness to the black plastic case so that when the clear shield is pushed on there will be a tighter fit that should block the entry of debris inside of the clear plastic shield.

Use a 1 and 1/2 inch piece of black plastic electrical tape and cut it into two strips. Lay one strip on one side of the black case just under the lip that the clear shield rests against when in place. Tuck the ends of the tape into the openings just behind the two plastic clips. Flip the case over and lay the remaining strip into place the same way. Now slide the clear shield back onto the black housing. The fit will be very snug and a small amount of pressure will be required to lock the clear shield in place.